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Welcome to ER Art, the first community [that I know of] dedicate to ER fanarts.

Before you start posting, a few guidelines:

1. Don't bash people when you feedback their 'arts. Constructive criticism is very welcome here, but I don't want to hear something like "OMG, this SUCKS!". If you don't like something, just say "X is Y, maybe you should try doing...."

2. Size of images posted. For the sake of those with slow connections, don't post arts that are more than 400x400. If they are, just post a thumbnail with a link [<*a href=art.jpg target=new><*img src=thumbnail.jpg border=0><*/a>, minus the stars], or a plain link with a description of the art.

3. This isn't actually a role, but when posting an art, it'll be nice if you give the name of font[s] used, lyrics, and so on, because people are often curious about that.

4. Only post your own fanarts, not anything made by others. The only expection is if someone posts an entry asking what are your favourites of someone else's art, than it's allowed.

5. Be polite. To me, and to the other posters.

6. Try not to go off-topic.

That's it, for now anyway... Have fun posting and replying :)